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Procrastinate for creativity

7 Feb

I have discovered that procrastinating is my time for finding INSPIRED photos of oddity and interest.
I would go so far as to say that during times of dormant creativity all I need to do is be set a task that I don’t really want to do, but has a deadline attached to it and ‘/ping/’ I am suddenly inspired to do all manner of creative things other than the task at hand.
I have started to keep a notebook to hand in work, for the ideas that pop up, out of a rebellious brain…..

So without further ado, I introduce you to  the fruits of my procrastination – A selection of hats:
First up is a fabulous and frivolous man hat:

followed by his friends with their strictly-no-kissing hats:

And lastly a hat and a weapon for the modern miss about town:

All images found here:

What a good idea

6 Feb

I saw this picture and thought
‘What a good idea’….

Found here via here

Clean all the things

30 Jan

Am loving this website: Hyperbole and a Half

This image in particular strikes a culling chord with me:

Image taken from

You can even buy the image on an apron….

Image taken from

Is life good?

7 Jan

Is Life Good? by Gustavo Vieira via toresolveproject

There are waves of new year resolutions splashing away all over the internet. Gustavo Vieira’s poster was sent to me and I thought it pretty much summed up January 2012, or any ‘new year new leaf’ thoughts that are happening.

Any other time of the year if you told a group of people that you were planning on being happier, more organised, more sober, healthier or whatever they’d presume you’d had a life changing incident or at least were teetering on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

This time of year it is totally socially acceptable to get on and make wildly over enthusiastic plans.

I love it.

I chucked the Christmas tree into the back garden for recycling with relief. I then cancelled any thoughts of celebrating Women’s Christmas and contentedly put our home back to normal. You can have too much Christmas, you know?

I have made some plans, but right now I don’t have time to share them with you….. I have to do a full body scrub, a facial, a manicure, a pedicure and then dress nicely out of my wardrobe – not off the floor, then go for a bike ride and walk a dog, do some yoga, swim a kilometer, purchase some home improvement things, come home and improve the home, create more, write in my visual log, find new music, plant some trees, breate deeply, buy organic, cook for a week and smile at strangers without scaring them.

Or I might just drive out in my track suit bottoms, buy the paper, eschew all other plans and curl up on the sofa with the cat.

Hello 2012.

Colour crush

11 Dec

You know the way you develop visual crushes?
Well, this is my new one.
It is the website of Rie Elise Larsen – a collection of lovely paper, textiles and things. The products are gorgeous, but for me it is the photos that are so beautiful:

It is something to do with the chalky white backgrounds and intense, deep colours of the objects. Kind of all winter and hot Indian summer combined.


Especially perfect when it’s getting dark at 4 and hacking with rain all day ♥

I may also be developing a crush on all things Danish.

These last 2 pictures were found here:

The Weight of Things

24 Nov

Whilst doing some sneaky surfing in work (very bold!), I came across this comic and it really made me think about why we keep so much stuff.

As the Snapit sisters are junk culling  junkies, I thought this was a good one to put up before the pre Christmas blitz!

imgur: the simple image sharer.

Bird pillow

20 Oct

This is such a good idea – a bird pillow. 

A while ago I blogged about a collection of bird images. I was looking at them and realised I never did my wall decal…..and the idea has now mutated into wanting bird pillows…..if I don’t make them, will the pillow idea grow into something else?

I found these nice ideas:

This little one is from Laura Ashley

This lovely bag & bird pillow (below) are by Joom on Etsy

This one is by Tesco (!)

And this is one of an image I found somewhere on line that I love….

I got slightly distracted in my bird pillow search by these lovely earrings on Urban Outfitter

Then I got my search back on track and found these design inspiration pillows on Urban Outfitter:

Pillow sets:

So from all that searching I have decided to make this:

The bird wall sticker design, spread over two pillows in stich and applique fabric…..I’ll post a picture when it is done…..

It will give us tweet dreams.



9 Oct

I did a spot of poking round the Salvation Army yesterday and I found these treasures:

They are a set of GLOVE PUPPET CINDERELLA DOLLS. Complete with a poor Cinders/ makeover Cinders. I love that the Cinderella tale had an Extreme Makeover in it all those years ago….



The crankypants Lady
The Fairy Godmother

The slightly gormless looking Prince

…and the Pumpkin!

It was one of those finds that I stumbled upon with a squeakgasp-rushtobuy because I knew exactly who needed it in her life: For the lovely Bridget and Maisy ……may these guys buy you some much needed couch time!


I guess you think you know this story.
You don’t. The real one’s much more gory.
The phoney one, the one you know,
Was cooked up years and years ago,
And made to sound all soft and sappy
just to keep the children happy.

Roald Dahl Revolting Rhymes


Felicitous Favourite Fridays

7 Oct


Jar head;  I’m totally obsessed!  They are everywhere… Check out this fab idea  for colored vintage-style jars from Momtastic.  (I also just adore her magnetic tin idea!)  It seems like every diy I read recently is talking about ‘Mod Podge’…what is this magical stuff, and does it exist in Ireland I wonder?!!

Living statues;  I stumbled across this project by artist Yolanda Dominguez on fashion poses…and I’m loving the video, quite the installation! 

Little things that made me smile~

First fall leaves ♥ Visual diary time again! ♥ The tent ♥ Being on the same page ♥ Spontanious fun ♥ Recieving sweet cards in the post ♥ An afternoon of list making in the tent! ♥ “My world keeps tilting, and I kind of like it!” ♥ Posting packages…so exciting! ♥ Doing bits and bobs ♥ Making market plans ♥ Chocolate…the affair continues! ♥ Pink and grey together ♥ Being surrounded by a shed-load of pillows and blankets and cusions…with hot water bottles, tea, chocolate and music! ♥ ♥ ♥

Enjoy your weekend! ♥

100 years of style video

4 Oct

This is awesome:




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