New things

31 Dec

Our New Year has lots of new things in it. The chief one being a baby. So I have begun crafting baby related things…..well I began crafting for him before he came….then he arrived and he is he baby-that-eats-time, so the crafting is in small and short doses.

Today I made this for him. I read some scary articles about the dangers of talc right after I finished a thing of powder…..great. Might have been better to read those articles before. Nevermind-move-on-don’t-panic. So I did a bit of research made this as an alternative, which we are using right now:












Cornflour baby powder

Add some drops of lavender essential oil to cornflour.

Prise top of old talc pot.

Put in cornflour mix.


Baby seems to not object and it smells lovely…..well for a while anyway, until he changes that!

These links were really useful:


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  1. maggsworld January 1, 2013 at 12:08 am #

    Reblogged this on Project Self Sustainability and commented:
    Sounds wonderful, so I am sharing.

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