Felicitous Favourite Fridays

22 Jun


How is it that so much time can pass?!!  Not being quite back to blogging mode, i’m easing myself in with a little love-list!

Little things that made me smile~

Boy-blue, blushing-pink rose! Special days ♥ Fresh peppermint tea mornings with friends ♥ Oil pastels…love ’em ♥ Digging up my early crop potatoes, tasty! ♥ Planting my second AND third crop for later in the season, so exciting! ♥ Potatoes in general!! Could i BE more irish?!!? ♥ My flat;  filling with indoor plants, tomato plants sheltering from the irish summer and seed trays nesting amongst my clutter ♥ Discovering old music, and being sucked back to teenage joys ♥ Learning to move on and let go…so important, and so difficult to learn ♥ Walking, love it! ♥ Getting very, VERY close to things and seeing them in a different light ♥ BEDTIME…that moment that you get to pull all the curtains, turn off the lights, the ache as you lie down, and snuggling under the duvet…heaven! ♥ That this week is almost over! As fun as it was, is, and wasn’t!

What were the high points of your week?!

Enjoy! ♥

2 Responses to “Felicitous Favourite Fridays”

  1. Raphael June 25, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    Hurray! you’re back, we missed you! That rose,what total beauty,so real I could almost inhale its heady scent.On the oil pastels,I love Caran,d’Ache,water soluble,with small wet brush you can do all sorts!HIGH POINTS OF WEEK?plants slips from loved ones showing growth-yeah! for spanking new garden.Enjoying renewed daily companionship,shared dinners,evening gossips and the joy of glorious hot showers after renovation works,


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    […] careful post-processing has created something very unique with great colors, tones and subtle lines.Felicitous Favourite Fridays – a beautiful vivid flower is presented here by Sarah Ria.  The rich colors in the flower […]

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