They mustn’t eat much at Riverford.

9 Mar

Riverford fruitmeatveg box is receiving mixed reviews from us.

The meat is good. I’ll do that bit again, but the fruit and veg bit? Well, frankly I was expecting more. It’s fresh and tastes great, but well…… They mustn’t eat much at Riverford. I chose the size box we had because the info guide on their website said it “feeds 2-3 people for a week”. I thought this meant it would feed us for every meal for a week. Eh, no. Unless they have bird like appetites at Riverford and 2 out of the 3 people don’t eat!

…… Plus they rang and gave me the hard sell on the phone, which kind of made me want to go try a less pushy provider. So, next up to try is Cusgarne- just up the road and apparently a fairly chilled out bunch.

I have also begun to realise that going totally organic might be a bit hard on my lean maternity leave wallet, so I’ve been reading up on the top 12 organic foods to eat here:

The organic experiment continues…..


Riverford veg & meat box

6 Mar


I’ve been thinking a lot about what I am putting into and on my body now I am caring for & feeding a little. I have started to make a few changes.

Our little is breast fed and I didn’t like the idea of his sweet head and hands being so close to such scary sounding chemicals, so I switched from a standard roll on deodorant to one with less chemicals. That didn’t seem too hard, so I started using a Lush deo bar (have now been using it for 2 weeks and still within acceptable smell range!)

This change went so well that I got all smugbrave and started to investigate veg boxes. I went with Riverford in the end because they offered a fruit-veg-meat box that made ordering simple. I am all about getting a task done in 10 minutes.

Today our organic meat and veg box arrived. Supposedly it feeds 2-3 for a week. It cost £45. We shall see how far it goes…….I went all bloggyhomefancy in the photo and put flowers in and everything. The cup of tea did not come with it, but it might be a nice touch if they’d deliver tea with the boxes next time!

New things

31 Dec

Our New Year has lots of new things in it. The chief one being a baby. So I have begun crafting baby related things…..well I began crafting for him before he came….then he arrived and he is he baby-that-eats-time, so the crafting is in small and short doses.

Today I made this for him. I read some scary articles about the dangers of talc right after I finished a thing of powder…..great. Might have been better to read those articles before. Nevermind-move-on-don’t-panic. So I did a bit of research made this as an alternative, which we are using right now:












Cornflour baby powder

Add some drops of lavender essential oil to cornflour.

Prise top of old talc pot.

Put in cornflour mix.


Baby seems to not object and it smells lovely…..well for a while anyway, until he changes that!

These links were really useful:


Felicitous Favourite Fridays

22 Jun


How is it that so much time can pass?!!  Not being quite back to blogging mode, i’m easing myself in with a little love-list!

Little things that made me smile~

Boy-blue, blushing-pink rose! Special days ♥ Fresh peppermint tea mornings with friends ♥ Oil pastels…love ’em ♥ Digging up my early crop potatoes, tasty! ♥ Planting my second AND third crop for later in the season, so exciting! ♥ Potatoes in general!! Could i BE more irish?!!? ♥ My flat;  filling with indoor plants, tomato plants sheltering from the irish summer and seed trays nesting amongst my clutter ♥ Discovering old music, and being sucked back to teenage joys ♥ Learning to move on and let go…so important, and so difficult to learn ♥ Walking, love it! ♥ Getting very, VERY close to things and seeing them in a different light ♥ BEDTIME…that moment that you get to pull all the curtains, turn off the lights, the ache as you lie down, and snuggling under the duvet…heaven! ♥ That this week is almost over! As fun as it was, is, and wasn’t!

What were the high points of your week?!

Enjoy! ♥

My view point.

17 Apr

Enjoy! ♥

Cornwall Beauty

9 Apr

Enjoy! ♥

Sunshine Wishing

28 Mar

Little treasures.

Wishing tree.

Hazy days.

A thought fulfilled.

The perfect day! ♥


March is the season of BUSY…

26 Mar

Gosh, a moment of guilty blushing for the poor abandoned blog please! Shame!

The last month has been an extremely busy, and pleasurable one…filled with projects, exhibitions, computer-related stress, big news, exciting plans, more work, design and creativity conventions, other projects, strategic planning, more computer-related stressing, extra’s acting for a film…and finally, sunshine, picnics and chocolate flapjacks…yum!


Last week saw the completion of an art project run by my friend with the local grade school. The children started out by listening and moving to a piece of music, from there they created an imaginary world based on that music. Using all recycled and waste materials they built these worlds, created characters, and wrote down the story of the land and it’s inhabitants. There were two sessions of about thirty children, each divided into three groups, each group listening to a different piece of music…and only three weeks within to complete the project!

It was a mind-boggling three hours photographing, talking-to, and observing these mini-artists! Thirty children, doing three different projects, with four adults, one special needs assistant, one teacher, one photographer, three large scale installations, and a bucket load of enthusiasm is ALOT to fit into one room!!

These children are normally only assigned ONE HOUR of art, PER WEEK. That’s it. No wonder they went so do-lally!  

They created wildly imaginative landscapes;  filled with lonely telephone ladies looking for their soul-mates, snow that tasted of whatever you wished, kings that travelled by wind power (not exactly the eco-friendly version!) and monsters that protected the gate of their world by trapping their foes in fully functioning cardboard prisons!

Here are a few snippets of the project in action!

Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine our side of the world!

Slap that factor 50 on, and enjoy! ♥

…One in four

29 Feb

Have a little color boost for this very special day! ♥

Enjoy! ♥

Finding the Light – Tough Days.

28 Feb

Let’s face it.  We all have those days.  When everything seems a little less positive, a lot less interesting and a shed-load less bright and cheery!

Things seem to be shifting these last couple of weeks…maybe it’s the change of seasons, a ‘coming out of the dark, cozy cave and having to make an effort again’, maybe we are just tired, or possibly, just possibly, it’s a complete coincidence that a multitude of my friends seem to be having ‘grey’ days!  But emotions are running high, or ‘low’ actually!

Tough days can be overwhelming at times.  We feel like we’ll never be happy again. And everything becomes overshadowed by that little gray cloud. To achieve more mental and emotional balance I have to remind myself to keep a few things in mind:

Keep ahold of that hot air balloon;  What truly matters? Is it the end of the world that you broke a glass, that your best friend didn’t send you a ‘thank you for texting me text’, or that the woman in the post-office was particularly grumpy today?! Rather than blowing the little things into giant hot-air balloon of stress and negativity,  remind yourself of what’s important, or rather…what’s NOT important! Ask yourself…will I remember in a week, a month, tomorrow; that the man at the bus stop looked at my hair funny???!

Stop comparing and worrying what others think;  Yes; the girl next door always has a pretty dress on,  your doctor seemed to think shaving your head was a bad idea, your brother thinks chocolate is evil….what do YOU think?  This is one of my major traps, and something I am conscientiously working on at this very moment!  We become so full-up of other people’s opinions, ideas and philosophies , we forget to think for ourselves.  We no longer know what it is we feel, we think, we like.  It becomes increasingly more stressful to try to meet all these expectations and judgements that we ultimately force on ourselves and….*KaBOOM*.

STOOOOP. Step back. Start thinking for yourself.  What do you want? It’s such a weight off when we feel we have come to our own conclusions about things. We no longer feel we are trying to fill someone else’s shoes, and ultimately things feel a lot less heavy!

Don’t do the ‘I have to’ speech;  I used to be a big list person. I’d list the things I had to buy, the chores I needed to complete, the bills I had to pay.  I thought it was helpful. I thought it made me more productive and reminded me of the things I needed to do.

A very wise person, in a very stressful period, asked me ‘Did the lists help?’ ‘Did they make me feel more, or less stressed?’

I realised that my ‘coping’ technique was actually piling great heaps of extra stress on to my shoulders.  This wise person challenged me to stop the list making, to trust in myself that the things that needed to get done, would. I became aware of the ever seductive ‘i need to/i have to’ conversations I constantly taunted myself with daily.

Try it! Replace the words ‘need’ and ‘have’ with ‘want‘…every time you hear yourself say, or catch yourself think these phrases; or start listing all the things you must complete in the next five hours, pause and think ‘what do I want to do right now?’.  Maybe you want to pay that bill, or clean the kitchen! I havent forgotten anything important in months, I get more done, and I feel waaaay less stressed. Hurrah!

Stay present;  This is phrase that is batted around a lot these days, but it’s a gem! Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t stress about yesterday, enjoy what you’re doing and stay grounded. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not!!

Tomorrow is only a day away!;  Bad days don’t last forever. The sun will shine again. Pick your cliché, but the pure and simple fact is…that you will not always feel *Bleugh*! Those blues WILL lift, it’s just a bad day and you WILL feel happiness and lightness again. We’re such drama queens when it comes down to it! When we’re feeling sad…we’ll never feel happiness in life again. When we’re feeling uncreative…we’ve lost it forever….Sheesh!

Do something to cheer yourself;  I’m a firm believer in the small stuff. Not only do I love to obsess about it. (!!!) I have discovered the pleasure in getting your highs and boosts in the tiny details of life. They won’t banish the blues, but a bunch of flowers, a letter in the post, or a walk in the breeze can help lift you on the most dismal of days.

So do it for yourself! Light those candles. Burn your favourite oils. Make yourself your favourite meal. And breath in the small stuff!

Love and Bright Shiny Things!

Enjoy! ♥